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The coolest facts about Amsterdam!

Did you know that there's more bikes than people in Amsterdam?

The 7 best terraces in Amsterdam of 2019

According to the 'Terrace Top 100' of the catering magazine Misset Horeca!

The best markets in Amsterdam!

Do you want to spend a day strolling about the market in Amsterdam? From Albert Cuyp to Waterlooplein, we were looking for where you need to be!

This way you will keep your head cool during thot days in Amsterdam

The coolest places in Amsterdam this summer

This is how you get through the summer in Amsterdam: the best events

A selection of the best events in Amsterdam this summer!

Top 10 Rooftop bars Amsterdam

Top 10 Rooftop bars you have to visit while staying in Amsterdam!

Highlights Amsterdam Light Festival

Just for you we have selected the best work of arts of this year's Amsterdam Light Festival.

Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam!

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Top 10 Historical museums in Amsterdam!

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Top 10 Snacks you have to try while visiting Amsterdam!

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Top 10 Amsterdam language!

A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a short instruction in the Amsterdam language.

6 great places to experience Amsterdam's vibrant night life!

The nightlife of Amsterdam is very diverse you could say. From all the cozy bars to trendy club in the city. We selected the best places to experience Amsterdam's night life.