Looking for the perfect boat rental or boat tour in Amsterdam?

Would you like to do a tour or rent a private boat to cruise through the canals of Amsterdam? That is possible! We use the latest innovations in the field of electric propulsion and solar energy. We, therefore, provide a stylish and respectful way to enjoy the Amsterdam canals.

With the use of ‘clean’ energy, we participate actively in the struggle to preserve and protect the damaging boat traffic on the Amsterdam canals. With KINboat you can rent your own boat (with skipper) for a low price. Besides the private boat rental, you can also let a skipper cruise you through the canals, during a boat tour in Amsterdam.

  • Sustainable
  • Order directly online
  • Luxurious
  • Instant ticket delivery by email
  • Local Expert
  • Show tickets on your smartphone
  • Weather proof

KINboat preserves the Amsterdam canals and accessibility for Amsterdammers, tourists and businesses in the first place. People and the environment are important. Our aim is therefore, to unite these two in a sustainable way. We strive to cruise one hundred percent electric and one hundred percent green boats. The quiet and clean boats cruise for at least fifty percent on self-generated solar energy.

€4,50 Discount!

Small Open Boat

The Small Open Boat tour in Amsterdam will take you on a fun cruise through the historic city center. You will see the magnificent 17th-century merchant houses. You will also see the old bridges, churches and houseboats that give the city its unique character.

  • € 18,- € 13,50