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KIN40 Sloop

40 persons boat from

€ 190 / hour
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KIN12 Salon

12 persons boat from

€ 160 / hour
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25 persons boat from

€ 220 / hour
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What makes a trip with a boat or a cruise unique?

KINboat sets its priority to maintaining the canals and accessibility for locals, tourists and businesses. Citizens and their environment are our point of focus. As a new and innovative company, KINboat aims to combine its priorities and strive by being one hundred percent electric and one hundred percent green. The quiet and clean boats are powered by at least fifty percent of self-generated solar energy, and fifty percent energy is gained from a main power supply. In this way, KINboat offers a welcoming change to the big diesel excursion boats that roam the area.

Sailing with style and respect during your cruise

With the use of ‘clean’ energy KINboat participates actively in the struggle to preserve and protect the damaging boat traffic on its canals. Using the latest innovations in the field of electric propulsion and solar energy, KINboat offers a stylish and respectful way to enjoy the Amsterdam canals.

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