KIN12 Deluxe

Rent your private boat in Amsterdam!

The KIN12 Deluxe is a luxurious and comfortable saloon boat for 12 persons, built for the Amsterdam canals. Through a covered area and an open front and rear deck, this is a boat where you can enjoy a delicious meal and a fantastic cruise through the canals of Amsterdam with all weather types. 

Rent this covered private boat in Amsterdam for a maximum of 12 persons for € 160,- per hour.

KIN12 Deluxe

Because of the open front and rear deck, the KIN12 Deluxe is suitable for all weather types. Enjoy a private boat on this comfortable boat. Make a cruise with your group. A unique opportunity to cruise through the smaller canals and discover sights that are normally passed by. Discover the best sights in Amsterdam on the boat. If you want to make a party, this boat also has a sound system to which every phone can be connected.


KINgsday Special - 90 minutes boat tour

Enjoy Kingsday on the canals, like a real local in Amsterdam! A 90-minute cruise, including a skipper, drinks and music! Buy your tickets online.

  • € 49,50