Does your ticket say ‘Water Colors Cruise Small Boat City Hall’?

This dock is located next to the Opera House and the Central Municipality Office at Amstel 1 (see the images below for reference). You can search Google Maps for Boat Pick-Up (click here to look on Google Maps) or scroll down to see a picture of the map.

Metro stop 2 minutes walking distance: Waterlooplein (6 minutes from Central Station)
Tram stop  2 minutes walking distance: Waterlooplein (tram 14 Centraal Station - Flevopark)

Boat pickup City hall dockview

Does your ticket say ‘KINboat Water Colors Cruise Small Boat F-Dock’?

This dock is located on the Eastside of Central Station, after the white Tourist Information Office and before the Hilton Double Tree hotel. You can click here to look on Google Maps.

Boat pickup eastside of central station

The entrance of the docks looks like this

Boat pickup eastside of central station dockview

You can recognise our stewards by their KINboat outfit, which looks like this: