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Top 10 Snacks that you should try in Amsterdam!

The Dutch cuisine is not really known for its culinary delights, yet there are a number of dishes and snacks that you should have tried during your visit to Amsterdam. KINboat has, of course, tasted everything for your convenience and put together a handy top 10. Enjoy your meal!

 1) Stroopwafels

If there is a delicacy that you absolutely must have tried then it is the "Dutch waffles"; stroopwafels. The syrup waffles consist of two thin waffles with a layer of syrup in the middle and are best when they have been warmed up a little, for example by placing them on top of your cup of tea or coffee. The tastiest fresh syrup waffles can be found at one of the markets or at a bakery in the large shopping street (Kalverstraat).

Stroopwafel - KINboat - Blog

2) Stamppot

Ingredients: mashed potatoes, vegetables of your choice, gravy and often supplemented with bacon or traditional smoked sausage. In the past, this dish was mainly eaten as concentrate for farmers, but now this dish has grown into a national dish.

Stamppot - KINboat - Blog

3) Herring

Eating raw herring may sound a little crazy, but you can see it as the Sushi of the Netherlands. Traditionally this dish is eaten with onions and sour bomb, but also the "herring" (herring on a ball) is immensely popular.

Haring Herring - KINboat - Blog

 4) FEBO

Convenience serves man. A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a quick bite from one of FEBO's machines. Skip the wait in line and indulge yourself with a snack from one of the vending machines. Choose from hamburgers, croquettes or a typical Dutch snack; the frikandel (sausage of different types of meat).

FEBO - KINboat - Blog

 5) Drop

The Netherlands is the largest producer of licorice in Europe, and 80% of all Dutch regularly enjoy a delicious liquorice; per year we eat about 32 million (!) kilo licorice in the Netherlands.
You can buy liquorice in the supermarket or in specialized candy stores.

Drop - KINboat - Blog

 6) Cheese

A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit one of our best-known products; Cheese. Visit one of the many cheese shops in town or visit a stall from the market. You can often taste pieces of the cheese for free.

Kaas Cheese - KINboat - Blog

Tip: Close to Amsterdam is Alkmaar (easily accessible by public transport), here you will find every Friday morning a completely old style traditional cheese market.

 7) Bitterballen

Delicious with a beer or a glass of wine; the bitterbal.
The bitterbal is, as the name suggests, a round fried ball filled with meat ragout and is the little brother of the famous croquette. The bitterbal is traditionally served and eaten with mustard.

Bitterballen - KINboat - Blog

 8) French fries

In Amsterdam you will find various fries shops where you can get the most delicious fries.
Order a "patatje speciaal" or "patatje oorlog" to have your fries with a tasty combination of mayo, ketchup, onions and satay sauce.

Patat French Fries - KINboat - Blog

Tip: On one of the side streets of the large shopping street (Kalverstraat) you will find one of the most famous fries shops in Amsterdam; Vleminckx.

 9) Jodenkoek

Traditionally from the Amsterdam area but now known nationally; the Jodenkoek. The Jodenkoek is deliciously sweet and consists of a combination of flour, sugar and butter (or margarine). These cakes are just for sale in the supermarket or can be found at the bakery on the corner.

Jodenkoek - KINboat - Blog

 10) Poffertjes

The airy poffertjes are the best when they are just baked at a traditional market stall.
Discuss the poffertjes with a lot of icing sugar to make them extra sweet.

Poffertjes - KINboat - Blog

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