The coolest facts about Amsterdam!

For many of us Amsterdam seems like an interesting city to visit. All the old, pretty buildings, the canals and their bridges, the Red Light District, the vibrant night life and so much more. But how much do you actually know about the city itself? We selected some of the coolest facts about Amsterdam!

1) Biking in Amsterdam.

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Say Amsterdam and you immediately think of its pretty canals, bridges, houses, museums and of course, bikes! But did you know that there's more bikes than people who are actually living in the city? 854,316 inhabitants versus an estimated of 847,00 bikes in Amsterdam! Between 12,000 and 15,000 of those bikes end up in the canals each year, and 100,000 gets stolen! That sounds crazy, doesn't it? The city estimated that there's about 665,000 bike rides per day and a total of 2 million kilometers is cycled day in day out. That's an average of 3 kilometer per bike ride!

2) Museums in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam has a stunning amount of 53 museums throughout the city. Those museums hold 23 paintings of Rembrandt and even 207 paintings of Van Gogh! Whom most of them can be seen in the Van Gogh Museum obviously. Other notable museums are Het Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and The Anne frank House. But did you also know there's a Condom Museum? A House Boat Museum? And even a museum about cows too! The Rijksmuseum is the only museum in Amsterdam that has a road in it (which you can bike through) and has the biggest arts library in the country! (see the picture above).

3) Bars, restaurants and hotels in Amsterdam.

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Need a place to stay in the city? Amsterdam counts a total amount of 501 hotels in the city, and which 18 of them have 5-stars! All the hotels combined holds 34,758 rooms in total and that amount is rising by another 8.000 rooms in the following years. Is a hotel too much luxury for you? Then you can decide to stay on one of the six campsites in and around the city too! 

For a refreshment after a long day of walking (or to start your day off with) there's 1,515 different bars and cafés you can go to and another 1,325 restaurants if you're feeling hungry too. Then for the night owls among us there's 16 clubs to dance the night away.

4) Other facts about Amsterdam.

One of the 8 windmills in the city - (@luciano.calheiros - Instagram)

  1. Amsterdam is entirely built on wooden poles (a lot of wooden poles actually). Because the land Amsterdam is built is was once reclaimed from the sea at a certain point, houses and buildings needed to be built on long wooden poles, hammered deep into the ground. Otherwise buildings would sink away in the mud. For the Central Station alone 8,687 poles in total were needed to built the station on.
  2. There's cat shelter boat in Amsterdam, so if you are looking for something quirky to do, please have a visit at the Poezenboot. They have more than 50 stray cats currently. 
  3. The XXX sign of Amsterdam isn't actually related to the Red Light District or so, but stands for heroic, determined and merciful.
  4. There's 165 canals in Amsterdam in total (combined more than 100 kilometres long) and 10 of them are on the UNESCO World list (canals located in the Canal Ring)
  5. 1,281 bridges in total (80 on the Canal Ring).
  6. Amsterdam (and most of the western part of the country) is located 2 metres (6.6 feet) below sea level. 
  7. The oldest house (and the only wooden one left ) can be found at Begijnhof. The house was built in 1475. Rest of the wooden houses back then were burned down and it became forbidden to build houses made of wood.
  8. There's still 8 old windmills in the city, wanna know where you can find them? Click here for a list and locations!
  9. The narrowest house in Amsterdam (and in Europe actually) is only 2,02 meters wide. More information about this house can be found here.
  10. Amsterdam's airport, Schiphol, is the only airport worldwide with a museum inside. The museum can be visited after passport control and there's no admission. And best of it, it's open 24 hours a day! More information can be found here.