KINboat's year in review 2019

What a year it was! Every time the years seems to pass by even faster. So many events that have happened, so we couldn't have wished for a better year.

The first big event of the season was (a rainy) Kings Day, but so much fun regardless. We had so many of you on our boats and all dressed in orange. The Canal Pride in August was a blast too and we are just wrapping up with the Amsterdam Light Festival this year. So if you still haven't seen it yet, we are sailing the Light Festival until January 5th. 

Let's sail a bit through 2019!

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The Cocktail Cruise.
It was the year where we launched a new product: The Cocktail Cruise, and you guys seemed to enjoy that a lot! Four of our boats got their very own cocktail bar on board, powered by the oldest distillery brand in the world, Lucas Bols. We even partnered up with the House of Bols Experience, so you could enjoy another cocktail after the cruise and get educated about the cocktail making process as well. We'll continue with the Cocktail Cruise and looking forward to have you drinking fancy stuff on our boats again.

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Boat parties everywhere.
We had a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties on our boats and that was a big success. How much fun to spend your last day as a 'free' man or woman on the canals of Amsterdam! But also wedding parties did it quite well this year! If you're thinking of having a party on one of our boats in the new year, just let us know at  

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New coworker at the office.
It was also the year where we got a new colorful friend at the office, and if you're patient enough it can speak too! If you're lucky you might spot it on of the boats next year. We'll train to be a guide on the boat ;)

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Young or old, everyone's having a good time on a Kinboat cruise!
It doesn't matter how old you were, everyone had a good time at Kinboat this year. And some of us might have found a new passion too! He was just a bit too young to offer him a job right away.

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What events to come in 2020?
Put the following dates in your agenda and we'll see each other in the new year then!

Kings Day - 27 April
This might be the biggest event on the canals of Amsterdam, celebrating the birthday of the King! Tickets for our Kingday's cruised will go on sale soon!

Canal Pride - 1 Augustus
The Pride in Amsterdam might be the biggest of its kind and it always ends with a spectacular canal pride on the last day of the event. Make sure you'll be there to celebrate in all colors!

Sail Amsterdam 2020 - 12 Augustus
This will probably be the most exciting event of the year! The Sail will only happen every 5 years, and it all about tall ships. Curious? Find all of the information here. Our tickets for this event will go on sail, euh sale soon!

Amsterdam Light Festival - Starting in November 2020 
During the coldest and darkest months of the year you can enjoy a city being lit up by interesting artworks that make you think about the deeper things in life. If you're around during that time, make sure you'll go see the Amsterdam Light Festival.

That's it, for now!
We all wish you the best best for the New Year and hopefully we'll see you again on one of our boats in 2020!