Instagram inspiration: 6 x things to do in Amsterdam

Instagram is a great place to share your best shots with basically the rest of the world. Whether that is a shot of the iconic canals of Amsterdam, your pet or friends and family you wanna put in the spotlights. But it's also a place to get inspired by others - for example when traveling to a new place. 

We went to the gram, searched for Amsterdam and got inspired by our fellow instagrammers:

1. Bike underneath Rijksmuseum.

Visiting the city? First thing you should do, after checking-in, is renting a bike and bike undeath one of the most famous museum in the country: Rijksmuseum. In fact, it's the only museum in the world that has a road going underneath it. Tip: watch out for fellow tourists taking their Instagram pictures on the middle of the road.

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2. Explore the city center by bike.

So you might keep the bike for a few days while you're at it - it's the main mean of transportation in the city and much faster than taking an uber or the public transportation. Plus you will see so much more of the city while exploring it by bike. Make sure you'll keep both hands on the bike, using your phone while biking is risking getting a fine!

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3. Read a book in the prettiest library of Amsterdam.

You just went to Rijksmuseum to bike underneath it? Great! Now it's time to go inside, and explore the museum, too. Not only the museum itself is worth a visit, but their library is very much worth a visit as well. In fact, it might be the prettiest library in the city! Could be one straight from the movies. Go check it out!

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4. Spot the cherry blossom in Westerpark.

Sakura time - like the Japanese say. It's spring time and that means cherry blossoms are popping up everywhere in the city. Best place in the city to spot them? Westerpark! In the following weeks Westerpark will turn pretty much all pink - to take your picture there, while it last. Best season of the year!

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5. Go for a swing on the highest swing of Europe.

Not afraid of heights? Great! Then go for a swing on the highest swing of Europe - at approximately 100 meters above the ground. Scary? We think so. After that you can enjoy a great view over pretty much all of the city on their big rooftop terrace. Go to to get your ticket in advance.

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A perfect example of a true daredevil... Taking a single swing! Photo by: @juliaaalam #ADAMToren #ADAMLookout

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6. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine in Vondelpark.

Cherry Blossoms, birds tweeting and of course, the first rays of sunshine. Spring is coming, and hopefully the temperature will go up soon, too. Vondelpark, the biggest park in Amsterdam, is the best place to get that Spring feeling. Go for a run or a long walk and you might want to bring your sunglasses with you already.

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