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Amsterdam Light Festival 2018

Amsterdam Light Festival already started for the seventh time this year. With 53 days long, and a whopping 29 work of arts from artists all over the world, it's going to be an amazing light festival in Amsterdam this year. All the work of arts on the canals have their own story to say. This year again you may enjoy the light festival by foot, on a bike or on a boat! Just for you we have selected a few tours, so you can enjoy the canals and the light festival at the same time. Please have a look at our 'Amsterdam Light festival' page!

The Amsterdam Light Festival will take place from November 29 until Januari 21 next year. Perfect to enjoy the festival with friends or family during the holidays!

Highlights Amsterdam Light Festival

1. Starry Night at the Herengracht and the Leidsegracht.

Starry Night op de Herengracht/Leidsegracht

(Starry Night © Kinboat)

This piece of art is inspired by the famous painting 'Stary Night' by Vincent van Gogh, and can be seen at the crossing of the Leidsegracht with the Herengracht. Starry Night is created by the Serbian artists Ivana Jelic and Pavle Petrovic and exists of 1400 colored lights. With this piece of arts the artists are trying to give Amsterdam back the starry night, which hardy can be seen anymore because of all the light pollution of nowadays city life. 

2. Spider on the Bridge on the Herengracht and the Reguliersgracht.

Spider on the Bridge op de Herengracht en de Reguliersgracht

(Spider on the Bridge © Kinboat)

Arachnophobia? Or in other words afraid of spiders? Think twice before you will be heading to this piece of arts then! This work by the French Artists Groupe LAPS shows an enormous spider that exists of 80 smaller spiders which are all at least 2 meters wide and consists of led-tubes. The lights are programmed in a way that it seems that the spiders are crawling all different ways. Something to get freaked out by! You can see 'Spider On The Bridge' at the crossing of the Herengracht with the Reguliersgracht.

3. Light a Wish on the Herengracht and the Herenstraat

Light a Wish

(Light a Wish © Patrickdunseath)

Two meter tall horse blooms that are floating above the canals of the Herengracht. Everyone knows that you may do a wish when you are lucky enough to blow away all the fluffs in one stroke, and so when you are going to see this these impressive horse blooms. You can see this piece of art by the Israeli OGE Group at the crossing of the Herengracht with the Herenstraat.

4. Two Lamps on the Herengracht at the 'Gouden Bocht'.

Two Lamps

(Two Lamps © Nicoleblommers)

'Two Lamps' by the artist Jeroen Henneman is a symbol of all the many offices in the area. It seems that all the business men, lawyers and bankers that live in the street could barely escape their working spaces. Henneman is commonly known to work with all-day items which we do not dwell on too much, like all kinds of office supplies, and turn them into pieces of art. You may find the Two Lamps at the 'Gouden Bocht' on the Herengracht.

5. O.T. 976 on the Korte Prinsengracht at the Eenhoornsluis

O.T. 976 op de Korte Prinsengracht en de Eenhoornsluis

(O.T. 976 © Upp_nl)

This piece of art by the artist Stefan Reiss exists of three big squares, which each of them are built up by many snares that are spanned over the "Eenhoornsluis'. Stefan Reiss has been inspired by the famously known 'string theory', which can explain everything ever created in the universum. You can see this piece of art as a shape that can expand itself in the infinite, so it basically creates its own universe. O.T. 976 can be visited at the Eenhoornsluis at the Korte Prinsengracht.