Amsterdam in picture: 10 x winter scenes

So, thinking about going to Amsterdam? But not sure what season's the best to visit? Have a look at what Amsterdam could look like during the coldest season of the year and get excited about Christmas lights everywhere, frozen canals (if you're lucky), snowy streets and cozy nights at typically Amsterdam brown bars.

Take the cafe on the right photo for example. Cafe Het Papeneiland right in the always lively Jordan on Prinseneiland 2.

So it's definitely our favourite season, for now, until the snow melts and the sun shows again!

1. Get on a boat and have magnificent views of the city at night.

They say Amsterdam is different at night, when the sun set and ​and the lights turn on, it's just a different atmosphere. Better way to discover Amsterdam than on a boat? We don't think so, but that's for you to discover, of course ;)

2. Walk along the 17th century old canal build of Amsterdam and get lost

Or don't get lost, but don't forget that there's 165 canals and more than 1.281 bridges! Well, enough material for you to take your Instagram worthy pictures!

3. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope this will happen again

The last time it was so cold that even the canals froze is already a few years ago, and before that, man we can't even remember.. let's hope the weather gods are in good mood again and we can get our ice skates from the attic again. Would be wonderful, right?

4. If not, we still have the artificial ice rinks in the city!

For example on Museum Square, Westerpark or Rembrandt Square. Read about most of the ice rinks in the city here.

5. So it didn't just get cold enough for the canals to freeze? 

Well, at least it's great for picture taking purposes too. Something for showing at home, or your friends on the gram!