5 x nice restaurants in Amsterdam

Hungry? Pizza, pasta, salad, meat or a vegan dish. Too many options in a city like Amsterdam. But where do you go to if you don't feel like cooking at home? We chose 5 different, but fun restaurants in the city. Check out our recommendations below!

1. Klaproos
Amsterdam North - Papaverweg 15A

Klaproos is a pop-up pizza and pasta restaurant in the North of Amsterdam. It's also a wine bar with the best natural wines out there. They recently relocated to their home after a short winter break. The inside mostly still looks the same - cosy and authentic. So if you feel like pizza and wine on a Friday night (or any other night) we would recommend you going to Klaproos - there might be a DJ until the early morning hours as well.

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2. The Avocado Show
De Pijp, Downtown, Vondelpark (to-go)

The Avocado Show is as the name suggest everything avocado. From Avocado fries, mashed avocado, avocado burgers, avocado bowls, avocado wraps and even avocado ice cream. They have three locations in the city now and even one in Brussels. Not only their food is and looks good, but the interior of their restaurants won't do bad on your Instagram either. So if avocado is your thing, then you should definitely check out one of their restaurants! 

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3. Restaurant Moeders
Amsterdam Jordaan - Rozengracht 251

Restaurant Moeders in the Jordaan is all about what our mothers (moeders) used to cook for us when we were still living at home. Stamppot (mashed potato, cabbage, bacon and sausage), you know those dishes we ate so much we got sick of them after a while? Yes, most of the dished the Dutch cuisine is based on. So if you're curious what that is about, we would definitely tell you to go there. Try a plate of erwtensoep (split pea soup) as a starter - it's the best! Oh, and don't forget to invite your mother, they would like that over there ;)

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4. SOTTO Pizza
Vondelpark, Amsterdam East

Enough places to get pizza in the city - as Amsterdam almost explodes with the wild grow of Italian (and other) restaurants. But are they quality pizzerias as well? SOTTO might be the first restaurant in the country with a certificate from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - an association that 'guards' the authentic pizza from Napoli. It doesn't get much better than that - you have to try it out yourself!

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5. Restaurant Venster33
De Pijp - Eerste van der Helststraat 42

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks outside on the terrace or dancing until the sun rises again - it's all possible at Venster33. Right in the heart of De Pijp on Gerard Douplein. We absolutely love this place! Their food is good and the inside is cosy and warm. On weekend days when everyone finished their food the volume will increase and people start dancing to the beat until early morning. They have a big outside terrace and on sunny days we couldn't think of a better place to get your morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee. Go see it!

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