5 x interesting cinemas in Amsterdam

What do you do when the days are getting grey and cold? Turning the heating up and watching Netflix with a cup of tea, right? That sounds nice, but nothing beats watching a movie in one of those comfy cinema seats while snacking on a way too big basket full of popcorn. 

You might have been to one of those chain cinemas in the city. The ones that are big, crowded, and you find running children everywhere, no fun at all right? 

We found a few smaller, independent cinema that are definitely worth your bucks. Get that noscaltic feeling while watching a blockbuster or an all-time favorite. You won't regret!

The Movies

Right at the beginning of the Haarlemmerdijk you will find The movies, the oldest cinema in Amsterdam! Founded in 1912 and located in such a pretty building. The ambiance you will find in this cinema is just one of a kind. Nostalgic feelings much. They mostly show art house movies, but also a couple of recent blockbusters in their four screen rooms. If you have an appetite they have a restaurant and bar too. Go check it out.

The Movies, Haarlemmerdijk 161 
+31 20 638 6016

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De Uitkijk

A very small cinema on The Prinsengracht, close to Leidse Square. Historical building with an 1920s interior and run by only students! They have a nice little balcony that gives you a very nice view of the screen. Also love seats are available if you tend to go with your significant other, how romantic. Choose which movie you want to see, get a drink at the bar before you find your seat and enjoy!

Prinsengracht 472
+31 20 223 2416

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Kriterion is also a student-run cinema, but this one you will find close to Weesperplein next the Roeters Campus. Again, also a building full of history. The building was used by the Dutch resistance (het verzet) in the second world war as a safe house. They have four screen rooms and a hip bar people love to have drinks with friends at. Can be a bit crowded after student hours, because that's what students like to do.

Roetersstraat 170
+31 20 623 1708

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Filmhallen can be found in an old an renovated tram service station. Yes, the same location where you can find The Foodhallen, the largest indoor food market of Amsterdam. They have whopping amount of 9 screen rooms. Blockbusters, art house and independent movies. Enough to find something of your liking. 

Hannie Dankbaarpassage, +31 20 705 8164 - filmhallen.nl/

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FC Hyena​

FC Hyena is a mix of things and was born out of the shared love for movies, good food and wine. So they came up with a place that all of that in one spot. You can find FC Hyena in Amsterdam North next to Restaurant de Goudfazant (also highly recommended). Go get your date ready for a night full of food, movies and then wine afterwards ;)

Aambeeldstraat 24
+31 20 363 8502

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