5 x Instagram worthy hotspots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam might be famous for its canals, bridges, tiny houses, and of course, its coffee shops. But besides wandering around the city and taking your typical touristy picture in front of a canal, there's also a lot of other places that will do really well on your Instagram too!

Visit one of the prettiest gardens in Amsterdam, Hortus Botanicus, or be impressed by the inside garden of Hotel Jakarta. If plants are not your thing, then visit one of the many murals in Amsterdam. For example the Anne Frank mural on the NDSM Wharf by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. 

1. Hortus Botanicus​ | Amsterdam East

More than 6.000 plants of 4.000 different species in by far the prettiest garden in Amsterdam, at least that's how we think about it. It's one of the few botanical gardens in the city and should be definitely on your list when you're visiting Amsterdam.

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2. Hotel Jakarta | Amsterdam East

Maybe one of the greenest hotels in Amsterdam, both literally and figuratively speaking. Their lobby is filled with plants and trees that reach almost to the top floor of the building. If this green decor doesn't do well on your Instagram, then we don't have a clue what will honestly. Don't forget to visit their little bakery "Westers" on the first floor while you're at it!

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3. NDSM Wharf | Amsterdam North

The NDSM is a former wharf in the north of Amsterdam and is now an artistic and hip area where a lot of events and festivals being held throughout the year. But besides these events and festival, there's also a lot of other things to see and do when you visit the NDSM wharf. For example the murals you can find on the big walls of the buildings where they used to weld big parts of ships together. The mural below is a portrait of Anne Frank, painted by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra

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4. Eye Filmmuseum | Amsterdam North

The building of the Eye Film Institution might look like a big spaceship straight from a Star Wars movie. This iconical building can be found just on the other side of Central Station, across the 't IJ river. Next to the Amsterdam Tower, which is also an easy to recognize building, and houses the highest swing of Amsterdam! So kill two birds with one stone and take the ferry behind Central Station and take a few pictures for your Instagram.

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5. Mural in the Frans Halsstraat | Amsterdam South
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De Pijp used to be a typical working-class neighborhood, but because of gentrification it's now a hip but very expensive area to live in. Besides expensive housing, it also has something positive to offer: tiny murals here and there. The one down here might be the most famous one. Find the 'Wake me up when I'm famous' mural on the Frans Halsstraat 64!

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