5 x hidden garden terraces in Amsterdam

Summer in Amsterdam can be pretty unpredictable, one moment it can be very sunny and warm and the next thing you know it starts raining and streets will be flooded. But when it's nice out it can get pretty warm in the city, last month for example temperature rose up to almost 40 degrees. 

But what do you do when it's almost too warm to do anything? You can either try to find water to cool off in, or try to find the shadows in the city! In this blog post we listed 5 hidden garden terraces to find some shadow and get a cold refreshment too.

Dignita Hoftuin

(@maartenhafkamp - Instagram)

Dignita Hoftuin is a restaurant in the Hoftuin park, next to the Amstel River in Amsterdam. It feels like an oasis of green where you can escape from all the city hectic, at least for a little while though. The restaurant is also part of the 'not for sale' foundation, that helps people from vulnerable groups to return to the labor market, so they can start with a job in the restaurant. The park is usually not too busy, even on warmer days. Curious about the restaurant or the park? Find out more on their website or Instagram.

Ferilli's At The College Hotel

(@thecollegehotel - Instagram)

The College Hotel is not only a good choice because of their luxurious rooms, they have one of the better outdoor terraces in Amsterdam too. Here you can feel the 20's ambiance in a unique city garden close to Museum Square (in Amsterdam South). We definitely recommend going for a drink on their terrace and enjoying their beautiful garden too. Go to their Instagram To get a glimpse of what it looks like.

De Plantage

(@inesantiago - Instagram)

How about watching some flamingos while enjoying a chilled glass of wine? Only at the Plantage in Amsterdam East! The Plantage is a restaurant/bar and is part of The ARTIS Zoo. It has a very big outdoor terrace where you can watch some tropical birds and flamingos too, how cool is that? However, it can get a bit crowded though, especially during the weekend. We suggest to go there early and combine it with a visit to the zoo as well! More information at caferestaurantdeplantage.nl.

Gebed Zonder End

(@amsterdamrehber - Instagram)

Maybe a bit hard to find, but when you do it will definitely be rewarding. 'Gebed Zonder End' is a secret ally in Amsterdam old town (close to The Red Light District) which has some bars and Instagram worthy material to capture. We do recommend you going here when you're around. Curious where you can find this ally? Click here for a Google Maps link, good luck finding it!

Lion Noir

(@lionnoiramsterdam - Instagram)

Lion Noir is one of the better restaurants in town and have one of the nicest gardens in the city too. It almost feels like you're in a place somewhere in South Europe, with all the tall trees, olive plants and idyllic scenery. Lion Noir can be found on the Reguliersdwarsstraat in the city center of Amsterdam. More information on lionnoir.nl