5 x cool lunch spots in Amsterdam

American pancakes, salad or just a classic sandwich for lunch? Amsterdam has many interesting lunch places for you and enough options to choose from to get you through the day, that work meeting or just catching up with a friend. The lunch places below are a few of our to-go-to places, so see if you find any of them makes you hungry.

1. Stroom
De Pijp - Ferdinand Bolstraat 151

Stroom in De Pijp is famous for their American style pancakes and eggs. If you don't feel like eating pancakes for lunch , then they have good salads and (vegan) burgers too. The place has a chill and calm vibes and when the weather is nice you can sit on the outside terrace as well. 

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2. Benji's
Amsterdam East, West, Nieuw-West

Benji's has three locations in the city and is known for their Bali inspired interior. As the owners say: A place where people can escape the high paced city life and find themselves in a peaceful green oasis combined with an industrial feel. So that basically means having lunch in a jungle, if you use a little bit of your imagination. Curious? We recommend you getting The Benjami, which is our favorite lunch item on the menu.

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3. Soup en Zo
Amsterdam City Center - Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54

Soup en Zo is like the name suggest everything soup (and salads) and is probably the best place to get soup from in the city. The usually have 8 different kind of soups on the menu, which rotates based on the season of the year. Now they have an African lentil soup, Spanish beet soup and a colombian corn soup on the menu. Very interesting flavors to try, so see for yourself which one you like the best.

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4. Café Cook
Amsterdam West - James Cookstraat 2

Café Cook in Amsterdam West, close to The Rembrandtpark, is a traditional Amsterdam lunch place. But not everything about Cook is traditional, they serve interesting and trendy lunch item such as tabouleh salads, crab burgers and hummus with eggplant caviar and grilled veggies. So a combination of and old school building mixed with a new school menu. Check it out when you're around! 

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5. Hartog's Volkoren
Amsterdam East - Wibautstraat 77 |

Hartog's Volkoren is not really a lunch place, but they do sell the best bread in the city. On the weekend there's usually a big line in front of the bakery, so weekdays might be better. You can get a loaf of bread and make the best lunch at home, or get on of their sandwiches with Dutch ages cheese, eggs, meat or tuna salad. Simple, but yet does the trick. Passing by on the Wibautstraat? Make sure you'll stop at Hartog's when you do.

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