About KINboat

Amsterdam is one of the busiest cities in the world. This characterizes it by the abundance of boat traffic on its canals. This is not always good for the environment. KINboat, however, provides a durable and also silent alternative for sailing on the canals of Amsterdam. We have (rental) boats operating on hundred percent electrical green energy. This is possible because of the solar panels that power the boats. We have the best boat tour in Amsterdam for luxurious and personal boat trips through the canals. Besides the boat tours and trips through the canals of Amsterdam, you can also rent large private boats or a smaller boat. Depending on the group combination, we have different sizes of private boats. You rent a boat with a skipper who additionally guides you the way.

The canals are a unique part of Amsterdam

For centuries, the canals are the lifeline of the city. Since the construction of the canal belt in the Golden Age, Amsterdam owes its wealth and prosperity to the businesses that entered the city through its ingenious system of waterways. From around the world, exotic goods, new technologies and innovative ideas made their way into the city of Amsterdam.

The canals are still a vital and unique part of the city, which the locals are very proud of. The canals are also placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2010. This is because, spreading over a quarter of the city area, the canals are over one hundred kilometers long. The best way to explore the city is to travel through the canals. A boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam, is the best way to enjoy a perfect summer afternoon and an experience that you won’t soon forget!

In addition, when renting our boats, it doesn’t necessarily have to be nice weather to enjoy a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. We have several boats with a roof, where you can sit inside with a drink, enjoying the sights of Amsterdam.

Our products and services

Are you ready to discover the canals of Amsterdam? We offer various boat tours and trips, also from different departure locations. See this page for our normal tours and this page for the special tours. Besides, you can also rent your own private boat or sloop. We would like to show you beautiful Amsterdam from the water. You can rent a boat for 12 people, but you can also rent a boat for 25 and even 40 people! Enjoy the beautiful sights of Amsterdam from a boat.

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